Round Robin Assignments app got an update

Hi monday lovers. We are proud to announce our Round Robin Assignments (see marketplace) app got on update. With the addition of a status based trigger the app now supports three different trigger types and two methods to define the team. The available trigger types are:

  • When item is created; this recipe can only exists one time in a board.
  • When checkbox is ticked (multiple checkboxes are supported); when the checkbox is unticked the assignment for that item will be cleared.
  • When status change; you can add multiple of these recipes as long as the status value is unique. This enables you to:
    • Define a team to pick from for reviewing the item
    • Define another team to pick from for pricing the item
    • Etc.

The team can be defined by:

  • An existing team
  • By selecting an item and column on the board where all individual members are defined

This makes a total of six different recipes. As with all our apps the app is priced as a modest one-time charge per account and comes with a 10-days trial period. More information (including pricing and detailed document to be found here.

Happy assignments :grinning:.

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