Rounding up to whole number on a chart

I built a formula that measures the amount of days it took to complete a ticket. The formula rounds up the days to whole numbers. However, the averages still have the extra decimal points. Therefore, when I’m trying to report the average days in a chart on the dashboard, it’s not showing the whole number. Is there a way to fix that? For reporting purposes, I’d love for it to be as clear as possible to read.


Hi Cassie,

When you are using the number widget in dashboards you can adjust the decimal points, settings highlighted in the screenshot below.

For the other widgets, I also run into this issue and have not been able to find a similar solution to the numbers widget.

My column is a formula that’s rounded so that’s not a problem, thankfully. It’s that stubborn widget I can’t fix :sob: Hopefully someone has a solution in the Monday realm hah but thank you for your help.