Run a webhook for all rows on demand

We have a board that is a list of web URLs that frequently change and are writing a Monday webhook to check those URLs for redirects so we know when to update them. I have used webhooks before and know the process to set it up to run conditionally (i.e. when a column changes). We could set it up to run when a status changes and then change the status for all items on the board to run the webhook. However, I am hoping there is a way that to have a button or other way to trigger the webhook to run on demand across all items on the board.

For example, a button that says “Check URL’s” that then runs the webhook to check all of the items on the board to see if any of them have been redirected.

Is that possible or any ideas on where to start?

hi @mactoph

An easy way is to select all your items in your board (leftmost checkbox in header) and then change the status. Now every item will send the webhook.

@mactoph as Bas suggested, checking all items should do the trick! Please let me know if you have any more questions.

@basdebruin thank you for your helpful input, as always!

Thank you @basdebruin - I appreciate the help. I was hoping there would be some type of action that could be applied to all board items, but select all should definitely work - thank you!

Thank you Bas for the suggestion!!!