Save PDFs to Emails & Activities Email Templates

I would like to set up email templates which include a designated PDF attachment that saves for recurring use, rather than having to upload each time. Is this in the works, by chance?

Ideally I would love to automate this completely without the manual selection of the template in the future but for now - the ability to save a PDF to the templates would be incredibly helpful.

Hey Ashley! Charlotte here with an idea! :blush: :bulb:

In your Emails & Activites app within the Updates Section, you can create template emails and attach a file (from your computer or Files Column) to always be included in this template.

Could this work for what you’re looking to do? Let me know your thoughts!

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That’s exactly what I’m trying to do but when i tested the template, the file wasn’t attached.

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Same here. The file is not saved in the template