Schedule API to Google Sheets for all Workspace Data

Hi everyone,

We are relatively new to using and I’ve been in charge of setting up boards, automations, and integrations for our organization. I really love the functionality of the “My Work” dashboard and the flexibility other custom dashboards give, but Dashboards are limited to 20 boards connected and “My Work” shows items I’m collaborating on and not “responsible” for.

We have around 70-100 active boards at any given time, so I can’t pull all the information I need. This got me looking into API and Google Sheets connectivity.

Here’s my question in a nutshell:
How could I code a Google Apps Script to automatically send an API request to search every board in our main workspace, and organize a list of all items that have “X” person in a column titled “responsible”?

In other words, create a google sheet version of “My Work” but filter it based on items I’m not just mentioned in as a collaborator/teammate etc. but solely as responsible.

If this isn’t possible or it’s too complex, how could I simply automate a scheduled “export” of all boards to a compatible google sheets file (.csv, .xls, etc)? As of now I can only export one board at a time.

Hi @mpshield,

To export more than one board at a time, you can manually export your entire account’s data by following this guide.

For a programatic option, you can use the monday API to query for Board data. The API has limitations when it comes to pulling bulk data, so you would have to make multiple queries to the API to get the data of one board.

Making large requests to the API will result in timeout and complexity issues.

Do you have an example of how to write an Appscript in Google to query data from all boards using pagination? This seems to be the simplest way to pull all data, not all at once, but also on a schedule.

Hello @mpshield!

We don’t provide support on specific languages/tools like Google Apps Scripts. Having said that, search trhough the community and you might find someone posting about it. Also, let’s hope someone who reads this post, has experience with Google Apps Scripts so they can give you an example :crossed_fingers:


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