Scoring System: Trying to have a sum in one column (the sum in of all the rows: so 10 rows of 1 summing 10) trigger a status:

Trying to set up a scoring system for bids.

This is what I am using in a formula column but it is only summing each row, not the entirety of the column. So in the case I gave, the sum in of all the rows: 10 rows of 1 summing 10, it only detects the “1” as the sum not the sum of the entire column (10).

IF(SUM({Score})>2, “PURSUE”,
IF(SUM({Score})<9, “DON’T PURSUE”, “”))) is not a spreadsheet, so thinking about it as one, will only result in a brain injury as you hit your head against the wall repeatedly in frustration. Though it can do some things like a spreadsheet and has a similar appearance - it is not one.

Formulas only act on one row. You can get the sum of rows at the bottom of groups, but that can’t be used to control status changes. Mirror columns can also sum all of the connected items, but like formula columns, the use of mirror columns is very limited in automations.

There are third party apps that might be able to help out with all of this, there is not a native solution. Also this indicates to me a board structure issue, where you may actually need a second board of bids, which connects to the bid scoring items, to then summarize the total.

It could also be that you want to look at using subitems of a single bid item to do this - and then you can summarize the score there. But again, doing anything with the value begins to require third party apps or custom solutions.

Hey @Emily_Lundberg :wave:

My team have built a similar scoring system in monday recently - would love to see if it’s transferrable. Feel free to reach me at to get started with getting you set up!

Here’s a snapshot of what yours could look like:

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