Scroll lock the Task/Navigation bar on boards/views

I would love the ability to scroll through a board/view and still see all the action buttons (filter, sort, add, views, automations) at the top. It is quite time consuming to scroll through a large board to find a record, then scroll all the way back up to perform an action.

Or at least the ability to lock/unlock the navigation pane at the top of each view as I’m sure not everyone needs this.

hi @AKBurczyk

I think this depends on a view things. In my account scrolling through the board keeps the header on top (sticky). See:

I have a few monday.labs features activated that could have an impact:

  • Board group by
  • Open board experience experiment
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Thank you so much!!!
I added the Open Board Experience Experiment and that did it!!!
So excited, thank you!

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