Sdk openItemCard does not detect changes in item name

Hey guys,

I read some problems were fixed on the monday.execute(‘openItemCard’) command, but I am still getting some (loading sdk from cdn).

Both update and column kinds allow us to edit the item name.

However it does not register as a change:

  • the view is not updated (listeners are not triggerred)
  • the promise response shows that equals false instead of true.

I also got the …/board/0/… route after closing the update kind…

Note that I am using the SDK on a Board View of a published App, never previews.

Kinds regards,

Hi @LaurentConroux!

Sorry to hear that you’re running into some trouble with the openItemCard.

Just to make sure we’re on the same page, do you mind providing some context as to when you’re making this command? Is it when you change an item name, you want that to automatically open up your item card view?

Or when any column changes, you want it to open up the item card view?

Thank you!

Hi @Helen,

In an App Board View the user click on a button.

That button executes the monday.sdk OpenItemCard with an existing item Id from the same board.

The item card opens as a pop up.

The user changes the item name and then closes the item card.

The change does not seem to be detected:

  • the view does not reflect the name change
  • the promise received via the sdk on item card contains data.is_item_changed: false.

Hope it makes it clearer.

Yes! I was able to reproduce this behavior that you’re seeing.

However, a simple refresh of the board view frame should save, and reflect the name change. Could adding in a refresh implementation help with your issue?

@Helen yes I also thought of that solution as a workaround, thanks.

I plan to systematically fetch the name of the item when I get the response, even if it says no change happened, just to be sure.

Still I wanted to warn you of this issue if was not known yet.

(and give feedback on the route problem too, on update cards, even I am not using it for now).


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Thank you so much! We can definitely appreciate that.

I will be sure to submit this as feedback as I think it would be the best UI not to have to refresh the frames after an item name has been changed.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. And please do let us know if you have any other suggestions or questions!

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