Search results not correct

We keep having the issue of search results being incorrect.
This happens via different browsers on different PCs with frequency. The browser cache is set to clear every hour so Monday should work fine. If we run incognito or manually clear the cache then the search results are correct. If we hit the refresh button a few times that normally does it too.
With search results being incorrect work is being missed.

Has anybody seen these issues and reported them? Or found a workable solution that doesn’t involve manually clearing cache periodically on multiple machines?

Hey Andrew,

I am sorry to hear this and can understand the frustration.

Can you please elaborate further on specifically what’s happening upon searching? A screenshot or recording would be greatly appreciated, so I can take this with our technical team :pray:

When we searched for a item name the list given was incorrect. It showed 5 in Packing and 4 in Despatch.
When we flipped to the Workflow widget view it showed 5 in Packing and 6 in Despatch. This was correct.

If we then flipped back to the Main view we got 5 & 4 until we hit refresh a few times and it then showed 5 & 6.

Hope that makes sense.

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