Security and data access


I am new to and enjoying the product. I have a couple of questions about data security

Firstly does have access to attachments and data used on my boards, or does utilise end-to-end encryption?

Secondly if I install a third party app, and later uninstall that app (such as the excellent looking mindmap app I just saw, elsewhere in the community), does this revoke permission for that company to access my data also, so in future the organisation that built the app would not have access to my data ?

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Hey @Elextric! Thanks for posting, and glad to hear you are enjoying so far.

With regards to your first question, does have access to attachments and data used on your boards, but customer data is treated as a “black box” and is generally not accessed for the performance of our service. Access is granted based on the need-to-know principle and its purpose is outlined under section 3.1. (Customer Data) of our Terms of Service:

For example, for the purpose of troubleshooting user reported issues, we may request written consent in order for our R&D department personnel to assist with troubleshooting.

Regarding your second question, we’re not able to endorse third party apps’ security or protocol. Please feel free to check out this article for more information! Understanding apps marketplace security

Let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help!

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