Send notification if task not complete in 3 (or X) hours

Hi all

I’d like to use a new team from our business in Monday

This team work on fast turnaround orders, each order type has a SLA depending on the type.

Example: (Task / SLA)

  • Task A - 1 hour
  • Task B - 2 hours
  • Task C - 3 hours
  • etc

I cannot seem to find automation or an app that will set the due time of the task based on hours, nothing seems to work on hours, only dates?

I know I can set a date and due time in the date column manually, but the amount of tasks are too many, we would need to employ someone just to manually set the task deadline time!!

I’m wondering if the community know of any apps that do this (I can’t find one?) or if they’ve had a similar issue to overcome?


Hey Kev,

At this time, I am afraid it isn’t currently possible to set notifications based on an hours metric. I like this idea however, and will certainly share this with our internal team :pray:

That said, could you instead set up the following recipe, to notify someone based on the time of the day?

Screen Shot 2024-02-08 at 2.08.50 pm

I understand this isn’t the most ideal approach, but hopefully it could work in the meantime :pray:

@KevG you can either use make or use an app called delayed status combined with Monday automations

Thanks Bianca, but that one would be a huge time overhead for someone to managame manually given the volume.

I’ve had another idea and that was to use a formula based on time stamp of task creation.

I’m now in touch with the formula team in Monday to try and help with this

Thanks Eddy
I’ll ask my dev to see if Make could help with this

Many thanks

you are welcome and for sure you can do it as we do that all the time:)