Send out attachments within email notifications

When you have an external company to deliver your software, it is nice to be able to send out automated notifications to them when bugs are found. At the moment this however doesn’t include the attachments that were added to the item in monday. This means that in this case we have to perform two actions instead of one: adding the bug to the board for followup AND sending out an email in which you describe the issue and add the needed attachments.

This is not really user-friendly:

  • It creates the situation in which bugs are not always added to the board (because there was already a separate email communication).
  • Also, it kills the possibitly to have an automated flow.

Hi @natalie.oyen :wave:

Have you looked at the Public Files app in the app marketplace? It (when triggered) will copy the public file path from files in the file column and paste it into a text column which allows you to include them in automated email communications.

Happy to provide a demonstration if it helps :slight_smile:

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Hi Peta,

Is it supposed to look like the result I put in attachment?

Can the link be reached by users outside of my company?


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