Sending emails through MY email instead of Gmail / Outlook

I’m looking at the option to send an email to a lead through the dashboard. It’s pretty common that we’ll talk to someone and they ask us to email more information, so there’s value in building a template to send and then keep track of any replies.

But is there a way to send the email through my server, instead of Gmail or Outlook? I paid a lot of money for a 4-letter .COM, and even more on marketing it! LOL It’s going to look super unprofessional for my staff to email out from Gmail instead of the one we’re known for.

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why aren’t you using google or microsoft to host your email for your custom domain already? I’m surprised you’re not using Microsoft Office Online for your business already.

Outlook and gmail are the integration names for the microsoft and google platforms, which you can use with your custom domain based accounts on those platforms.

Technically I do use Google to host my email. I have a Google One account, so on the server I have emails sent to delivered to

Then in Gmail, I changed “Send mail as” to, and it’s sent through This way, recipients see that the email came from me, not Gmail. I can also track the sent emails from all employees in WHM, which is very helpful when emails aren’t being delivered!

The Monday dashboard let me connect to my Gmail, but the outgoing is; not

Ah, Google Workspace is what you need, in that situation your custom domain becomes the actual domain of the google worksprace. Its not just forwarding to gmail. Your goes away entirely, with Google Workspace taking on that role. In that circumstance you’d be able to login to the gmail integration using your address, and it would send and receive through it directly.

With EasyMails, you have the flexibility to use your own SMTP configuration to send emails.

This means you can maintain your professional image by sending emails directly from your own server, rather than relying on Gmail or Outlook. Additionally, EasyMails allows you to connect multiple sender accounts, giving you even more control over your email communications. Give it a try and see how it can enhance your email workflow!

To maintain professionalism

  • Configure your server to send emails from your domain
  • Set up SMTP or buy SMTP Relay Service from SMTPget
  • Configure DNS records for SPF and DKIM
  • Design a branded template
  • Integrate with your dashboard
  • Test thoroughly, track replies, and ensure compliance
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Have you tried SMTP service provider like iDealSMTP, Mailgun, and SMTPget with your email provider directly in That way, you can send emails through your own email server instead of relying on Gmail or Outlook.

To send emails through your own domain instead of Gmail or Outlook, configure SMTP settings in your email client or server. Ensure correct authentication and SMTP server details. For personalized assistance and reliable SMTP solutions, consider consulting Digitalaka ™. Their expertise can help streamline your email communication process effectively.

  • Enable professional email communication by enabling your server to send emails straight from your domain.
  • Consider purchasing SMTP Relay Service from Digitalaka™ to ensure flawless integration.
  • Configuring DNS records for SPF and DKIM improves email delivery and security. Create a branded email template to provide a consistent brand impression.
  • Integrate this configuration with your dashboard to improve workflow. Thoroughly test the system, monitor responses, and assure compliance with industry requirements.

Have you considered integrating SMTP service providers like iDealSMTP, Mailgun, or SMTPget directly into your account? This allows you to send emails through your own server, bypassing the need for Gmail or Outlook, potentially enhancing control and customization of your email communications.

Hi Jason,

Did you get a solution? I’m having the same issue.