Separating a string on a Monday board

Hi all, I’m trying to solve an issue and I wonder if any more experienced users could help. Our guests fill in their full name and this populates the item column on our Monday board. I am sending emails automatically when statuses change that I would like to keep very informal. So I only want to send to first name.

Example Item may be:" John Paul Smith" and I want to collect only “John” in another column. I can do this by using “LEFT({Name}, SEARCH(” “, {Name})-1)” in formula column–(Thank you Monday Man), but that can’t be used in Gmail automations.

I tried using General Castor as a workaround, however, it’s just outputting “Name?”

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thank you

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Hey Chris, hope you’re doing great!

Can you please give more info on your issue?
1 - How exactly do your guests fill their information? Do they fill out a form and their full name is saved as the item name?
2 - What formula have you set in General Caster, so that it outputs “Name?” ?
3 - For exactly what Gmail automations do you want this for?

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