First name on dynamic email templates


I’m trying to create a dynamic email template, do you how I can just use the first name on the item so the email says “Hello, (First Name),” instead of the full name?


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Hey Sandra! :wave: Happy to help with this! :blush:

Are you doing this within the Emails & Activities feature or with automations?

If you’re doing it with automations, you can create two Text Columns in your board (one for first name, one for last name). Then, in the automation recipe where you click “email”, fill out the dynamic email like this:

Does this help? Let me know what you think! :blush:

Is there a way to pull out the first name when the Item is full name (which I want to keep since it moves along a recruitment pipeline and eventually to an employee directory)?

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Hi Charlotte. I’ve done the two column suggestions and i must say, while its an ok work around, its definiately not ideal and i hope that dont think that doing this resolves the issue… its not ideal because when linking on other boards its so hard to know who is who because they only show the ‘first name’ and not the full name. When you have multiple ‘johns’ for example, it becomes VERY confusing when following those suggestions.

in addition, having the option to only use a first name (and idealy not by seperating the with two columns) is quite crucial in emailing as we never use a last name when emailing anyone.

Can this please be looked into by the team urgently as the above workaround is just a band aide solution but its causes more of a headache in the long run when a contacts list grows.

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