One off email templates with variables

Hi guys, just trialling and love it so far. I have set up one or two automated (gmail) emails with variables and have found out how to create email templates for non-automated emails. However, I can’t find any way to add variables to non-automated emails. Am I missing something? Or is this feature missing?
(I use Mixmax so can customise that way, but it seems strange to have access to variables in automated emails but not non-automated emails…).
Cheers, Patrick

Hi @patrickfallon - This feature is coming very soon! You will be able to use the column data dynamically inside of your CommuniHub templates, exactly as you need.

I know that exploring during your trial can be both exciting a bit overwhelming, as monday․com has a lot of powerful features. We offer a limited number of no-charge strategy sessions in the community each week if you would like to chat during your trial. You can book one here: Book Polished Geek: more with

Next week is looking pretty full on our calendar though. So if you would like to connect sooner, please reach out to me personally at

Enjoy your monday adventures!

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Thanks! Just booked a free strategy session with you.


Patrick Fallon

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Great, looking forward to it @patrickfallon!

Hi both! I saw your chain and raised a query directly with the Monday team regarding timing, but they said this is not on the development plan. Patrick, did you find a resolution? I’m not keen on the gmail integration as I can’t cc.

Hi Tarryn, as I mentioned I use the free version of Mixmax (Chrome extension) that has email templates with variables so I can use that for email templates instead of Monday non-automated templates which don’t have variables. I just tested and you can CC with the Gmail integration so I’m not sure exactly what your CCing issue is?

Hi there - I can confirm that this is on the roadmap for monday development so not sure why they would mention that. As for timing, that’s always a bit hazy but my best guess is Q3/Q4 at this point.



Wonderful, thanks Mark - it’ll really help our Ops teams, even using the non-automated CommuniHub emails, but the piping of dynamic data will CERTAINLY reduce errors! :slight_smile:

Hey Patrick! Sorry, to clarify, my to: field will always come from the main email column, but my cc’s will change all the time and need to be manually managed (not via the integration automation), so I can’t do that with the gmail integration, I think! i.e. need as close to automated as possible, but not truly automated due to the nature of our work :slight_smile: I’ll check out Mixmax thank you.