Email Automations Totally Unformatted / Unusable

I love the idea of the email scraping integration, it has so much potential to act as an automation for any tool in the world that allows automated emails to be sent (for example, when someone adds one of my Smartsheets, I send an automated email, which is picked up by and adds a new task to my board). My main problem here is that the email that is attached to my new board item as a comment is totally illegible, so I’m unable to pull any key information from it at all. somehow strips all CSS or something from the email, and all I see is a wall of links.

2nd that. We’re a call center that sends out formatted emails to our clients, but they aren’t formatted w/ JSON - just simple text templates like…

Name: John Doe
Age: 42

Kind of surprised that can import and update tables using email, but just dumps the data in the update field?

We build text based .tpl files in our call center software that we then email out to clients - and I ‘believe’ I can just add the json code directly to this text file that’s eventually emailed out to our clients (or in this case to one of our boards/tables on

The only formatting I’ve been able to find to do this is all based on API configurations.

This might be the most useful feature suggestion I can think of, and after a couple hours of trying different things - I’ve not found a way to accomplish populating columns w/ emails (with the exception of the 1st column w/ the subject).

A solution directly through monday is what I’d really like to see rather than having to integrate with zapier…and learn/pay for their setup…and then integrate with Parseur…and then integrate/pay for their setup…

Thanks for any updates on this!