Creating an item from email - Filling in the colums

Hi everyone,

I have found the articles where an email can be sent and have it automatically create the item in a board, with putting the body of the email as an update in the item. Does anyone know how to pull information out of that email to not only create the item, but, take information from the body to update the columns for the item as well?

We have been using Monday for pre-boarding and getting an email from one team with the information for the candidate and then we fill out a Monday form to create the item with the info. Which works, but, can get time consuming with larger start groups so just trying to see if there is a way to automate this.

Thank you for any insight!

Hi Mike,

There’s not a way to populate columns by scraping emails (I think this is what you’re describing) natively in However, it’s something that is possible by creating an integration with and potentially other pieces of software.

I’d definitely say that some deeper discovery would be required. What sort of information do you need to collect? How is the data formatted in the email? etc.

Feel free to provide more information here or feel free to reach out to me and I can provide you with a quote or some useful pointers about how to proceed.

An additional consideration would be that I think inputting data in a form is still a pretty standard process! Although it’s laborious, weigh up the cost/benefit of automating that process vs. paying someone a low rate to carry out that entry level work.

Intern/low paid/online worker @ $10/hr * 1 hour /day year round = $2600 for one hour of updating per working day per year
Integration $1500-2000 development + maintenance costs ($400/year) + software ($600/year) = $2500-$3000 for the first year + $1000/year over time

So the costs are comparable for the first year, although an integration should save you money over time. Of course, an integration would also require development for updates or system changes, whereas a person would just require training. However, no “maintenance” cost has been considered for the employee.

Just some considerations! Even though automating is my trade, it’s not always the best choice to try to automate everything right away. :slight_smile:

Hi Francis,

Thank you so much for the helpful information (and so quickly!). That makes sense that it isn’t possible currently, wishful thinking on my part :blush: I will take a look at as I am not familiar with it just to learn more as maybe there are some more advantageous opportunities in other aspects of our processes that it could help with.

Thank you again, I really appreciate it!


No problem! is a little more hardcore than automations. You might find that Zapier is easier to work with if you’re planning to do it yourself. Good luck!

Hey @Monty and @FrancisElliott Nir from Jetpack apps here - marketplace partner.

There is a way to pull information out of email and update the columns for the item as well with Extract Updates marketplace app. Check it out and let me know if you need help!