Serial Numbers (work order numbers) for each new deal (or each new item)

I need serial numbers to effectively use Monday as a management tool. Each project we intake has a work order attached to it. We take in about 20 new projects a day and may have 400-600 ongoing, with several thousand projects that may be pending.

We assign serialized work order numbers for each new lead normally.

We would like to use Monday for this purpose, but the only thing clearly missing is the column where we can have sequential serial numbers added.

Say the first new number we need is 155878 (the result of ongoing work), we would enter a lead (or NEW DEAL) and have the WORK ORDER column assign 155878 to it (an arbitrary start). Then, any one of the 10 other users would be able to add a NEW DEAL to the board and Monday would automatically assign it the next WORK ORDER number 155879 to that entry in the WORK ORDER column.

These would continue on until eternity and follow the project through groups or boards.

Your ITEM ID is similar but appears to assign IDs to each NEW DEAL located across all of your customers boards, with massive gaps between numbers.

Is this something that you can easily implement?

hi @JCSign

Welcome to the community. This app does create an unique, serial ID (per board) where you can define the starting number and prefix, suffix and lot of other formatting options. Learn more in this document.

Exactly what I needed. Had 2 replies from staff that said this couldn’t be done so I was worried.
Thank you.

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