Special Workflow for Product Ordering/Tracking

Hi there Monday Brain Trust. I have a project that I’m told Monday could handle and I’m looking for a guru to tell me yes or no. On one of our projects we have a feature where participants can order items from us to test. I’ve attached the workflow. Once a request comes it, it needs to land on a board for staff to verify/qualify the request. Once that is done, an order form goes out to the participant (which has some conditional logic). Once the order form is returned to us, there would be an automation to add each line to a new board for tracking. Once we confirm delivery, a survey is sent to each recipient and we track the responses.

In looking over Monday’s capabilities, it seems like the CRM might be the best product for this application.

  1. Leads come in, leads are verified and converted to participants.
  2. Participants are sent an order form.
  3. Each line on the order form is an installation.
  4. Each installation needs to be sent a survey and tracked back.

Would like thoughts from experienced users on whether the CRM is the right choice or if there’s some other part of Monday that would be more applicable.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @SandyL,

We would love to help you out but would like to have more detail around the returned order form and the format and quantity of data we get back from that.

Happy to connect and look at it together when you’re free :slight_smile:

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Would be happy to detail more. There can be up to six orders placed for each of our participants. Each order becomes a line on a new table called “Installations”. The key field that ties all all records together is a customer number (CSLB). Each CSLB number can have six orders.
Fields on the order form:
CSLB (ties to main table)

Order #1
Manufacturer (drop down)
Model # (conditional logic)
Recipient Name
Recipient Address
Recipient City
Recipient Zip
Recipient Phone
Recipient Email
Old WH Gallons
Old WH Location (drop down)
Old WH Fuel Type

Wash, rinse and repeat up to six times per order form.

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Hi @SandyL ,

Thanks - appreciate the additional detail provided. We would look to use the CSLB as the common denominator in matching logic recipes and tie the order details (installations) back to the customer record with the automations, your reporting can be built out from there.

The CRM is the best place in which to build this out so we can be automating the emails and communication flows providing the form link and other relevant messaging, but it wouldn’t be a standard CRM flow as you’d need the additional supporting boards to aid the functionality.

Is the order form with conditional logic already feeding back into a monday.com board or is this going to another format currently? What sort of time frame are you looking at for completion?

Cheers! :slight_smile:
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This whole process is being done manually with spreadsheets and email right now and not scaling very well. We’re looking to build this out soon, I’m working with our internal Monday PMO office on what sort of internal support we have.

Yes, the CSLB is the key field that ties everything together, a contractor company has a unique identifier and that’s what we’ll use. From a reporting perspective, clicking on CSLB number should bring up all the “lead” information we collected, all the verification results when we qualified the lead, the “installations” that are tied to the CSLB (up to six per company) and lastly the survey results from those installations.

Hi @SandyL!

I hope you found a solution that fits you but if not here is a way to think about this:

  1. Leads Board - this houses the contact information that can be tracked in an external board for ease of reference. However to keep this simple we will just keep it to the Lead Board.

  2. Email Integration - tracking the email of your contact in an email column, you can enable a shared mailbox email Integration to send the link to the lead for their order. This way when they enter their email in to this form for verification, it can track to the contact.

  3. Order Board - the form would be filled out here with all of the items needed. A MATCH automation would then run when the form is submitted to match to the lead and contact you have on file.

  4. Order Fulfillment - dependent on how far you take the process, you can then have a PO generator based on unique numbers in monday items to them track against for invoicing and contractor installation.

  5. Survey Tracker - once the system says complete, the survey is auto sent out via email Integration for them to enter their results and match this feedback to the contact via email once more.

Full cycle and enables better results.

If you want to see a PoC feel free to contact me and we can chat!

Mike B
Automation Architect

@SandyL I have helped to set up reporting (using a 3rd party add-on) for a few clients who have been using monday for tracking orders. I wrote a blog post on the topic: Tracking orders and shipments with monday.com and Screenful - Screenful Blog