Service Level Agreements - Tracking and automatic escalation

I am busy building a task tracker in, and have access to a profile as well. I need to assign Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to tasks based on their priority, and then trigger an escalation email/notification to relevant stakeholders when the task time tracker reaches 60%, 80% and >100% of the SLA. We need this in place so that management and senior staff can intervene before we are in breach of SLA and help push the task across the line.

I have worked through and, and I have not found any feature that allows me to live track a formula column’s result, and trigger an action when certain conditions are met.

Can anyone help with guidance on a solution to implementing SLAs and auto escalation without integrating into something like ZenDesk?

It amazes me that this isn’t a native function in seeing as SLAs are pretty much a universal concept in professional services.