Set a relative different timeline (start/ end date) upon sub-item creation

I want to build an automation where every time I create an item,
a subitem(s) will be created with a relative timeline.

Creating an item on Monday, will create a subitem and set the subitem’s timeline to be “Monday to Monday”,
Setting a different item on Tuesday, will create another subitem, and will set the new subitem’s timeline to be “Tuesday to Tuesday” and so on.

Any thoughts on how do I do that?

Ta, Ryan.

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I also tried to set the timeline using the “week” column, but cannot set the workload Widget to be based on this column as a timeline column :frowning:

hi @RyanBY

Interesting… what would be the trigger? I read create item on Monday, in that case creating the item would be the trigger I guess and it is taking the day the item is created with endtime +7 days?
But then I read “Setting a different item on Tuesday”… is that also a create or are you setting a date column in the item?
Are the subitems already there or do you want to create one every time you create an item. In that scenario every item would have exactly one subitem. Is that correct?


I meant creating items over monday, not (re)setting values for existing monday items, my bad.

Each monday item may have +1 sub-item(s) which will be created using monday automation.
I want those sub-items to be created with a relative timeline (the following week since the creation date).

hi @RyanBY

Understood, I am looking if this can be a candidate for an app. What I now understand is that on subitem creation you want to set the timeline based on start date = creation date of the subitem and end date is start date + 7. There seem to be no relation between the subitem(s) and the parent timeline. Do I understand correctly?

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You’re %100 correct in your understanding :slight_smile:

I think that could be a terrific app, with the possibility of using values from the parent item.

Referring you both to this thread, which is exactly what I’m looking to achieve.

Automating the creation of sub-items doesn’t add much value for us unless we are also able to set a relative date.