Set a "status" column to the current Month when item is created

I want a status column with Months. Whenever a new item is created, the current month is set for that item. I can’t figure out a way to make this happen. It seems simple, but nothing I’ve tried has worked.

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I am not aware of a native solution to this. I believe third party apps would be able to fulfill this though. Is that a solution you’d be open to?

No… it’s not really that important. It just seemed like there would be an easy solution I was missing.

I did see there was a 3rd party app I could use to cast a formula to a number field. That would’ve allowed me to create additional automations to get what I needed, but we’re not interested in adding 3rd party apps.


For those who would be interested in a 3rd party solution, the Advanced Formula Booster could do it easily.


I do something like this on my board. Make a Start Date column that uses an automation to set the value to the current date when the item is created. Then have a formula column that calculates the Month by using MONTH({Start Date})


I did something similar and can calculate the value of the month with the formula. But formula columns are not an option for automations to change a status column. It requires a number column. If I could convert/cast the formula to a number column, it would work in theory.

Why does the Month need to be a status column? What are you trying to do with the month column after it’s been set?

For a Kaban view of the information as well as a dashboard view.

I see. yeah, I don’t see a way to do that natively. It would be nice if an automation could set a timeline column. good luck!