Set date to first of the current month

Due to the limitations around recurring jobs, I have an automation that resets a date to the first of every month as a work around. The issue with this is that the date has to be entered manually the first time. Is there any way of ‘on item creation’, adding the first of the current month into a date column. This can not be a formula column as there is an automation attached to it. Any help would be appreciated.

Hey George!

Right now there is no way to set the item to have a dynamic default date. However, you could use the item default values to set the date to a specific day every time an item is created and then use a “when item is created, push date by x days” (or another similar custom automation) recipe to move the date without having to manually enter it the first time.

Would this be an improvement to your current workaround situation? Let me know what you think!

Morning Charlotte
As the jobs could be added on any day but the reset would be required on the first I’m not sure this would work. Unless there is a way to push the date back by the number of days based on the current date (for example if item is created on the 8th it would need to push the date back by 7 days, created on the 21st it would need to push it back 20)? I have looked at the formulas to format the date then extract the day number before but as you cant automate from formula columns its a moot point.
Is there anyway of doing it using the ‘every time period’ automation but without creating new items each month.