Automatically enter the first of the month

I have some automation that resets a date to the first of every month, however the date has to be entered manually the first time. Is there any way of ‘on item creation’, adding the first of the current month into a date column. This can not be a formula column as there is an automation attached to it. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi George. Unfortunately there’s no simple way to achieve this in

However… there is a workaround. You could create a separate board, which is something like a “first of the month tracker” and have it always set to the first of a month (and then move forward by one month as required). You could then make all items connect to this item on your tracker board by default and trigger whatever action you require via a mirrored status column.

It’s a little fiddly, but it should work. Please let me know if you need any help setting this up.

Hello, we have the same thing. And I found an automation that says Every time period then add an item. So when you chose the every time period you can make it say Monthly, on z date. I hope this helps!

Morning Francis

The separate board is something I have tried before but the only way I could see to do it involved too many automations. For every customer we add not only do they need to go to the specific report boards but every customer would need to be added to the date board so that the mirror can update? Unless I’m missing something?

Well I am not sure about the mirroring board… but you could do something maybe like this?

Then maybe add this automation too?

Or this one?


Or this one?

I hope this helps. I am not 100% sure it will work but it may?!

Hi George,

Obviously I don’t know all the details of your solution. However, you could have every new item connect to the other board by default. Essentially you just need to create a new text column in both boards and enter a simple string like “connect” in the monthly tracker. Then on your usual database, set “connect” to be the default value for that column.

Then you can use the automations (like those Tori has shown) which automatically connect an item on creation. are going to make changes to these automations soon, but essentially you can just use both the “when column changes” and the “when an item is connected” automations to connect the items based on the new text column you’ve created.

The above will ensure that all items are connected to the single monthly tracker item that you have stored on your monthly tracker board.