Today's date as default column value

It would be very useful to set “current date” as a default value for the date column. This would effectively be a column for the date of entry. The column would not be a formula, because the value set would be static (and still editable.)

For example, on October 1, I enter item A. On October 2, I enter item B. If I view the board on October 3, the date column for item A is October 1, and for item B, it’s October 2.

Hey @sjliefjeij welcome to the community!

Easiest way to accomplish this is set an automation that on item creation set due date to current date and push by N days.

Just put 0 days in the push by days column and there you have it.
There is also a creation log column you can add to your board, but you can’t trigger automations off of that and if you ever move items the creation date changes to the date you moved it. So I prefer to just use a separate date column and the automation I mentioned.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for replying, @timlittletech. I appreciate the suggestion, and it would probably work on the Pro plan. Unfortunately, on the Standard Plan, this is not a solution for us, because it would quickly deplete our monthly automations.

I see, fair enough.



I agree “today” would be a great option to have in the defaults.

As another possibility, you might be able to get away with doing this using a free Integromat account.

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