Set Status Based on Several Column Criteria

Hi My Monday Fam!

I am looking for BIG help with a very specific use care for formulas. Basically, each month we have a contact type that we need to document. Each month the contact type is “P”, “V” or “H”. Every three months a “V” contact type needs to occur and every twelve months a “H” contact type needs to occur. I need a formula that will evaluate the last twelve months of contact types and set the current month status to “P”, “V” or “H” dependent on the last twelve contact types. Now, sometimes this schedule changes if a “V” or “H” occurs before the month it is due. Does anyone have any insight how I can go about this? I can send a sample if needed!

I would be so in dept for any help!!!

Hey @tcedarwilson,

Thanks for sharing your use-case here :slight_smile:

To start, I did want to clarify that at this time, I am afraid it is not natively possible to set the status or any column based on the formula column. This is a feature request that already exists in the community, so we encourage you to add your vote here to get this on our developers radar :pray:

That said, there are a couple of third-party options within our Apps Marketplace you can explore, one of them being General Caster - is this something you’d be intersted in looking into to achieve this?