Set custom Status Bar completion percent

Hi there,

I recently signed up for and I’ve been enjoying it as I can view the progress of all my projects at a glance on the timeline.

I’m currently using it to track the progress of my video production pipeline from the filming to editing stages by using a status column linked to a due date for each of the main tasks and a progress tracker bar to calculate the total progress of all tasks.

My problem comes in when I have to track a single task which is lengthy in duration for example; editing a video is scheduled to take 2 weeks to complete. Now after 1 week of editing, I would have made 50% progress on that one task. I need to be able to show and report to clients that I’ve actually made progress on that task, instead of just showing “in progress” after a week.

The problem with the status column is that it only allows you to show the task as 100% complete or 0% complete. There’s no option for anything in-between that can work with the progress battery bar column.

I need to be able to manually change and display a completion percentage within the status column for that 1 task and the total progress tracker column which is calculating the progress for all tasks in the pulse must be able to accept and add those values entered from all the status columns

I’ve tried using a dropdown column and set values in 10% increments all the way up to 100% but the total progress tracker column doesn’t add and display values entered in the dropdown column. I also tried separating each task onto its own pulse but this makes tracking each task on the timeline more cumbersome.

Have a look at the screenshot, hopefully, it paints a clearer picture of what I need. I did a rough mockup design.

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As a workaround, would it be possible to assign two or more Status columns to the edit phase for multi-step Status tracking? e.g. 50% Edit, 100% Edit - or step 1-3, 4-6 etc. You could then weight them (20/80, 40/60 etc) for the progress calculation.

A related feature request was posted earlier this year for more granularity on the status column using both weights and colors.