Assign weight by color in Status and Progress columns

As a user, I would appreciate a higher degree of granularity/depth between the Status and Progress columns.

I believe it would be a great thing to allow weight distribution by status color/label and have the progress column calculate it’s own weight based on these instead of a 0%/100% limitation just on the done status.


Do you mean something similar to what is explained here?

Or something different?

The idea -if I understood right- is to chose each status color weight.

For example, green is 100%, yellow is 75%, orange is 50%…

So that if you have 2 status columns, not only the weight of the column is calculated (like the new feature), but also the weight of each selected status.

For example, if I have 2 status column :

  • 1st column makes up to 40%
  • 2nd column makes up to 60%

So when the 1st column is orange and we chose orange weights 50%, the 2nd is red that weights 0%, the progress bar will display : 40%*50% + 0% = 20%

If we can’t chose the weight of each status, it would have displayed 0 or 40%.

I hope my explanation is clear


Yup, that’s correct Stephane

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Interesting feedback and I see how this could be helpful. We’ll pass this along for consideration!


I agree with this! We use a “SHIP” or “WILL CALL” status column. Each one of these contributes to a small percentage of completion status. It would be nice to be able to break it down and set the percentage weight for each one.

My example:
Need label
Label made
Picked Up
En route


I also need this feature. Made my own post for it as well


We need the same. We have 3 stage status columns - Planning, Developing and Deploying. Each of those columns has the following statuses: Initiated, 50% complete, 75% complete, 100% Complete.

If the weight of the stages are: Planning 25%, Developing 50%, Deploying 25%.
It’s more meaningful to us if we also factor in the progress of each column.

Planning Stage = 100% Complete = 1.0 x 25% = 25%
Developing Stage = 50% Complete = 0.5 x 50% = 25%
Total Real progress = 50% Complete

The progress bar only calculates the first column and the overall project as 25%, but from our perspective, it is 50% compete


It would be nice to also have the option to set Progress by singular status column values for simple tracking scenarios:

Initiated = 25%
Executing = 50%
Testing = 75%
Done = 100%


Hey guys, if you open the “Column settings” you can set the weighting of each status column.


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Understood. However, this request wants to weight the color in each Status as well.

e.g. Planning 25% x 34%, Development 20% x 33%, Delivery 10% x 33% = Progress %

As it stands now, we have 100% (Done) or 0% (all other colors) for each Status column x weight = Progress %

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I have same requirement

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Me too! It would be great if we could choose a label colour with no weight in the progress of the pulse. This is mandatory for the correct progress percentage if a pulse does not require one or more stages to be fulfilled.

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Hi all, stumbled on this thread, and I would like like to see the same feature implemented.

Yes i have a process with three status column. If I put all three columns I can distribute equally each status in column 1 column 2 and 3.

I need to set percentage in column 1 depending on a status, status 1 is 15%, status 2 is 0%, status 3 i 20%, and same in other two columns.

I would love to see this implemented as well.
Additionally, is there a way to connect subitem status to item progress as well?


Hi any news on this?

Hi everybody!

Itai here from team. First of all, I want to thank you all for the great feedback - this is truly an amazing idea to have and I will make sure to note it again to our team. That being said, I do want to be transparent and let you know we have to prioritise our tasks according to scope, effort and the roadmap ahead, and I can’t see this being implement it soon.

Moving forward, I’d love to offer a workaround for anyone who wants to visualise their workflow per label. With the combination of the Formula column and conditional coloring, you can set an IF() formula to show different percentage and color the value accordingly. This will require either a SWITCH function or an IF function, and you can learn more about how to use it here:
The IF Function

Basically, you’ll set the labels as conditions, e.g: If label is X then 25%, if Y then 50% and use the SUM (or a simple plus sign) to aggregate the information.

The conditional coloring can be set to color the values if reach to specific value, and help you visualise it better. Does this make sense?

Let us know if you have any more insights!

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