Column: Progress Tracking based in individual Settings

Need help:
My customer’s are getting 6 Reports a year. I need to track which customer has for example already 5 reports, which one has 3 reports, it should be visible in the columns. I Liked it how the progress bar is looking like. I want to say that 6 Reports is 100%, 3 Reports is 50%. But I can only connect the progress bar with status. It is not working like that. Does someone knows a work around ?

Hey Alex,

Can you elaborate on how you’re currently tracking reports? Are these boards in your account? Ideally, what would you like to connect to the progress bar?

we are tracking it manually. So I would send out a report and then track it on Monday and write for example , 2/6 reports sent. Now the progress bar should be showing me 33%.

Thank you for clarifying Alex! Instead of tracking via the status column (/having the status column connected to the progress bar), how would you instead like to track - via the items themselves?

For example if I set the status green as completed, the progress tracking is 100%. If I select also orange as completed. The progress tracking is also on 100%. But I need Green 100%, Orange 75%, Red 50%, Grey 25%. For example.

Hey Alex,

Thanks for your screenshot :pray:

I hear where you’re coming from here and understand what you’re looking to achieve. That said, I am afraid at this point you can only customise the progress tracking column specific to the status column as a whole and not the specific labels:

I apologise for the setback here. This is great feedback that I can certainly share with our team internally!