Setting a date when subitem is created

Hello, could you help me how to create a time stamp, once subitem is created?

I tried with automatisation, but couldn’t find some similar option, which we have when item is created (When an item is created then set a date). Do we have something similar for subitems? If not, what would be a way around?

you can do this with the subitem automation app - you get 300 free actions a month.

Hey @Jan2,

We developed an app that solves this exact use case.

If the timestamp is on the subitem itself, you can set a it when its created -

If the timestamp is on the item (parent), you can set it just like @Sara413 suggested!

We’re constantly adding new capabilities to it to make sure it’s easy and powerful to run automation on subitems just like it’s powerful on “regular” items.
You can find it in the marketplace in the platform or here - Apps Marketplace

Hope that helps!