Shared or mirrored updates for connected items

I will add my vote for the importance of creating this linkage of updates between boards.

I’m confused; so I can mirror columns but not items? Why can’t I have items (previously called ‘pulses’) on multiple boards at the same time? This seems like rather obvious functionality.

Hey Everyone,

If you’re still looking for a solution for this I believe I’m almost there using Integromat. Basically it directly copies an update to a linked item.

There are two issues with the automation:

  1. It’s a copy of the update, rather than a linked update. So replies to the update don’t show across two boards and neither do edits to the original update.
  2. The new update on the linked item is posted by whoever’s account the Admin API is linked to. So replies to it, and therefore the notifications, will not be sent to the original update creator.

If you can get past those two issues and still make use of copying updates automatically, then use Integromat.

Hope that helps.

Hi all!

We really appreciate you patience with us, and sincerely apologise for the delay in updating this thread. At this time, we are working on a process to improve our responsiveness not only within the community but in specifically addressing feature requests, so really are grateful for your understanding!

As we pull together all the votes associated with this topic, we would love if you can redirect the votes on this thread, to the primary thread (most voted) here: Shared or mirrored updates for connected items - as we plan to close this smaller thread in an attempt to consolidate all votes, and better prioritise this feature request based upon the total amount of votes :pray:

Thank you!

Its quite silent around this feature request.
Are there any planned updates or do we have to search for an alternative?


Thanks for taking the time to submit this request. We discussed the ability to mirror updates for connected items with the product team and unfortunately this feature is not on the upcoming roadmap. We’re currently focused on improving other key areas of our platform to bring the most impact to the most people and hope to be able to revisit this feature in the future. What does it mean when a feature is marked as “Currently not on the roadmap?”

Just wanted to add that I would also love to see this get put on the roadmap. It is almost pointless to have connected items if they don’t update from each other, you have to do everything in multiple places and that is hard to track and/or know for sure it has been updated. Since Monday is dedicated to making things more effective, this would be a huge win!, do you have a current status on this? I had this need, and found that many others do as well. Could this become a priority this year?
Thank you.


I have a source board of meeting dates (each as an item) across our company, and I’ve created an automation the where the Status column is CIO, it then drops those items into a separate board of meeting dates for the CIO. This works well.

What I need help with, is when there is a change to the items in the source Board (i.e. change in meet date, change in paper due deadline, item deleted etc) that change is reflected over in the secondary board.

Can anyone help me find the simplest solution to achieving this?

Hey @StephH,

If I am understanding correctly, all you will need to do here is mirror those columns into the secondary board - this way, any change that is made in the source made is reflected in the secondary board. In order to set this up, you will need to add a connect boards column in your secondary board (that’s connected to your source board) and mirror the relevant columns.

This demonstration might help → Connect boards and mirror column

Let me know if I’ve misunderstood :pray:

Thanks for the feedback Bianca, there were a couple of reason’s I didn’t use mirror columns:

  1. If I create a mirror column, I then need to provide access to the source board for every team member and this isn’t appropriate for our business. If we don’t do this they can’t see the mirror column. Unless you know of a way to get around this?

  2. Having a mirror column will show the correct dates, but it won’t pickup other changes to that data such as deletion of an item in the source board (i.e. deleting a meeting as its no longer relevant). This item would still show up in the secondary board. Is there a way to accommodate these type of changes as well?

Thanks very much for your advice.


Hello @StephH,

Great news! You can accomplish this using VLOOKUP. All you need to do is map the columns from board 1 to board 2. With this setup, any modifications you make in board 1 will automatically reflect in board 2.

To help you get started, here’s a helpful article.

If you need any assistance with VLOOKUP, don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated support team at Our team is always happy to help you with any queries or concerns.


Hi@StephH ,

There are some limitations on using the Connect Boards column.
You could use Make to create an automation that updates the secondary board when there is a change to the source board. This would allow you to keep the source board private and still have the changes reflected in the secondary board.

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I guess I have a few questions regarding this:

  1. How many people utilize connected boards with specific information about a single “item” between multiple boards?
    I don’t know the answer to this, but I’m guessing a lot?
  2. How many users utilize the updates feature?
    I’m guessing the answer is similar to 1

What I’m saying is, this would have immense impact on a large number of people on your platform. While I can understand the limitations of the platform itself, particularly the connected boards and mirror columns, allowing users the ability to communicate on a common job across multiple boards via the update feature seems like something that should be strongly considered by the Dev team.

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The update feature is fantastic for taking notes as a job is in production, however, we have 2 teams, each working off of their own board. The boards are connected, and specific fields are mirrored between the 2.

That said, when team 2 updates the job on board 2, I don’t believe there is currently a way to have the update show on the same job on board 1…via a connected board column or mirror (as updates are not a column themselves).

Connected jobs on different boards absolutely need to be able to share updates…whether via the connection column, via a possible automation, or via a shared repository where anything tied to those “2” jobs goes…like a shared update screen or option.


This might be a reason for us to leave Monday.
“communication between boards” seems like a basic feature. How did they decide this should not be on the roadmap?

we got 8K items on a Master board, all mirrored to Personal boards for all employees. It’s crazy that this information is not shared. Thousands of comments.

The only way to tackle this, if we all start to work from the same board. Which for many reasons is a bad idea.

If we knew this in advance, we would have picked another CRM.


I agree, many “features” should be called fixes instead. Waiting for years to reach a vote count before said fix is even considered is also an unfair system on top of that. Many “feature” proposals are small flaws and because not many companies use those things those proposals dont get enough votes because other companies dont use them.


It seems like a mandatory feature that is lacking here and it’s sad to see that after 2 years of this been reported, no action has been taken.

We wanted this feature last year but weren’t able to proceed with it. This time, it has become a crucial requirement for our Human resource support desk workflow. We are connecting a private form/board (in the human resource space) with a public board (showing only certain columns from private board). We have to do this to hide PII and confidential information. Our private board has over 100 columns and holds all tickets submitted.

We are creating a public board where people can see the tickets submitted by them and their status. The workaround of tagging another task won’t work for us for 2 reasons:

  1. It involves a public and a private board
  2. It is not feasible to ask everyone at the company to tag another task every time they add an update

This is a very bad user experience.

I hope all these comments are taken into consideration while deciding which features should be on a product roadmap.

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Hi Community. I have an exciting update about this request! After reading through your requests again, the status of this request has been changed and it is now on our long-term roadmap. Our team understands the importance of sharing/ mirroring updates for connected items and are working on different ways to bring this feature to life. We are looking into different ways of developing this capability, but do not yet have an exact timeline for the development. I will update you when I know more! Thank you for your sharing your ideas and votes. Every quarter our teams looks over the ideas and requests of the community to help us decide what to work on next.

Read more about our feature request process here and how your votes help us decide what to work on next!


Thank you @Julietteb that’s awesome news. Without asking you to commit to a date, what is typical timing for items on your long-term roadmap?