Show notification message/popup on board


I have developed a custom integration which custom action(node js). We have a requirement to show a notification message real time to user on board.

I tried using create_notification api, but its showing message in notification area.

Is there any possibility to show notification messages some where on the board itself? i mean like some popup? I need this to be triggered for a custom action(node js) code.

Hi @ranjit.vemuri!

Do you mean push the information in the notification into an area in the board? What if you instead inputted the notification information in an Update linked to a specific item?

This way, the users can still get a notification about this Update (if they have this setting turned on in their notifications), and the information can be saved somewhere in the board.

What do you think?

Hi @Helen ,

We need the message to be shown on board but not as notification in notification area or update to a specific item. As per our current requirement, we are calling custom action(node js) when a status column is updated by user. In here we perform validations in node js code and want to show error messages to user on board real time. Any possibility?

Hey @ranjit.vemuri,

Just to clarify further, are you looking this message to appear as a pop-up when users are working with your custom app? For example, if the value doesn’t pass validation?

If that’s the case, perhaps you could use the monday.execute notice action from our SDK?

monday.execute("notice", { 
   message: "I'm a success message",
   type: "success", // or "error" (red), or "info" (blue)
   timeout: 10000,

This will provide an attention box with a specific message that you can designate. Would this approach work for you?


Hi @AlexSavchuk,

I am not using custom app. I am using custom integrations that gets triggered on some status column changes. The users use the Main table view to update all items.

Is there any possibility to achieve the same notice action from custom integration(node js)?


Thank you for confirming! I’m afraid it is only possible to send a Bell notification or an update to an item, as Helen suggested if you are using a custom integration instead. There is no way to show a notice message based on an integration recipe just yet.

I hope this helps clarify!



Ahh yes, so if you wanted to create some sort of splash screen image for your users, you would need to combine your custom integration with a custom board view. This way, the users can see (in real time) the messages you had in mind on your custom board view.

This is also another option for you to consider!

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