Show selected color

When I am trying to switch colors around, I find it absolutely maddening that the currently selected color is not shown on the color picker. I’ve had to resort to making lists of what color it isn’t, so I can figure out by process of elimination what the current color name is. I suppose I could use the macOS Digital Color Meter application but please, include the currently-selected color on the color picker with a checkmark or something, so I can hover over it and find out its name. Or tell me I’m nuts and explain how I should be doing it instead—I’m not picky!

EDIT: in the clear light of morning, I realize what I really want. When I hover over the color of a label, I want a tooltip that tells me the color’s name, so I can select the same color for a different column’s label.

I just realized that the default labels of a new Status column are:

  1. Done (Done Green)
  2. Working on it (Working Orange)
  3. Stuck (Stuck Red)

The minute I add a new label, that order changes so that Working is first and Done is second. I’m guessing that’s a bug.

I’m not sure exactly what your question is here, but I think this may be helpful.

When editing the labels, select the little grabber on the left-hand side of each label to rearrange the order of the labels.


Just realized I didn’t see your original question. Never mind my answer :slight_smile:

No worries, I appreciate the help! I do know I can rearrange the order of the labels. I was merely frustrated that they decided to rearrange themselves while I was playing with color.