Show subitems progress on total progress

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My issue is that the progress and time estimate on my subitems do not show on the overall progress, status and time estimate. I love to divide my work to many tiny tasks and I would like that the progress would show in real time. I’ll insert a picture of what I mean!

Is it possible to get a bar of total status/progress/time estimate under the Subitems Status/Progress/Time Est. (blue drawings)? If that is not possible, would it be possible to mirror the info from the Subitems Status/Progress/Time Est. to the main Status/Progress/Time Est., so the progress would show in the total bar (pink drawings)? Thank you!

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hi @mmiljaa

Welcome to the community. The exact thing you are looking for (column summaries for subitems) does not exists. However there is a nice feature shown below. In the column setting (in your subitems) you can click “Show Summary on Parent Item” and that will create a a column in your parent item that is automatically connected to your subitems. Would that help?

It did not help me. I am looking for the same exact feature as the OP. I believe in order to keep a true track on the progress of the parent company, it must take into account its sub items progress. As one works their way through their sub item tasks, the true progress of the parent task would then be shown.