Showing App's name and logo in a bell notification

Hey all!
We’re building an app that triggers notifications from the server side.
We are using the graphql create_notification mutation, passing the user’s id, target_id (board_id) and text.
As a token, we use one that is generated using the authorization flow.

The notification’s text is showing as expected, but the title shows the user’s name and logo, instead of the App’s name and logo:

Is it possible to use the App’s name?
After all the action was made in the background by the App, and not by the user.


Hey @etaytch
Unfortunately that’s not possible at the moment.
Notifications are sent on behalf of a user and must be linked to an item.

+1 on this

Broadcast notifications with app icon and name would be really useful to notify all users account of news, updates and critic problems.

Thanks Rob!

In our use case, the user clicks on a button which creates a board and keep its data in sync with some API.
The board is updated few times a day in an async way by our servers.
This is why on one hand it doesn’t make sense to send a notification with the user’s name,
and on the other hand only this account’s user should see this notification.

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May I suggest a way to send individual/broadcast notifications as “App Name”? @dipro

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