Showing mirrored / linked data in 2023-10 API change

Hi there,

I have migrated to the new 2023-10 API. However, I am experiencing the following issues:

  1. The call only returns the top 25 rows
  2. Mirrored / linked data is returning null

For point 2, I know there is a reason for this however I am very inexperienced with API writing and so any help would be appreciated.

My query is as follows (and is in M Script, PowerBI):

Source = Json.Document(Web.Contents(“”, [Headers=[Method=“POST”, #“Content-Type”=“application/json”, #“API-Version”=“2023-10”,#“Authorization”=Key], Content=Text.ToBinary(“{”“query”": ““query {boards(ids: " & Board & “) {items_page {items {name, updated_at, group {title}, columns: column_values {text, column{title}}}}}}””}”)]))


I would recommend reviewing the migration guide, particularly this section:

Mirrors need to use the ... on MirrorValue{display_value} to return the value as text (as display_value in the column value)

As far as the 25 rows, thats the default. You need to set the limit HIGHER (up to 500) to get more.


Thank you for the help @codyfrisch !!