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I recieved notification that OP sign was closing in 4 weeks, this is terrible news to us as our entire workflow is based on this. here is what we need - we put the PDF file that needs to be signed in a File column (this is generated from our sales system outside of monday and is unique to each customer) . Then we click a status- send to customer and that triggers the email to be sent to the customer to request them to sign the document. its simple they open scroll through the document and then choose where to sign and date. Or if they want to revise anything they simply click request to revise and this request comesback to us. I DONT have to each time add where I want the signature the client chooses. The process is automated and when the client signs it sends back to monday and changes the status to something differnet. For the ones I have found so far there is not an option for me not to have to define the signature field each and everytime. Its brilliant, but clearly not brilliant enough to say available. Can someone please help me I cant make the other options work for me. So really I jsut want to upload a PDF document and not touch it and the customer is prompted to sign and once signed it sends it back to the board. HELP please


I understand your frustration! OP Sign closing down disrupts your workflow, and it sounds like the alternative solutions you’ve found so far require manual intervention for signature placement. Here are a few options that might be closer to your ideal automated process:

  1. Monday. com Integrations:

Check the Monday Apps Marketplace for integrations with e-signature services. Look for options that allow:
Uploading unique PDFs per customer from the File column.
Automatic email triggers for requesting signatures.
Client-side signing without manual field placement.
Status updates upon signed document return.
2. E-signature Services with monday. com Integrations:

Popular e-signature services like DocuSign, Adobe Sign, and HelloSign offer integrations with monday. com. These integrations might require some setup, but they generally allow:

Uploading PDFs and defining workflows for signing.
Automated email triggers for requesting signatures.
Client-side signing with pre-defined fields (you might be able to set these up once per template).
Status updates in monday. com upon completion.
3. Considering Alternative E-signature Services:

If the monday. com integrations don’t meet your exact needs, explore other e-signature services that offer:

Bulk sending with unique PDFs per recipient.
Automatic email triggers for requesting signatures.
Self-service signing for clients with pre-defined fields.
Webhooks or API integrations to update monday. com board status automatically.

I hope the information may helps you.

@Sam1 I have good news! We’re releasing e-signatures as a new feature in DocuGen starting next week. With DocuGen Sign you can:

  • Collect verified e-signatures protected by a digital seal (like DocuSign)
  • Send documents to multiple signers
  • Automate document sending using automations

We’re granting access to DocuGen Sign early adopters as soon as next week (10 June.) If you would like access, please fill out this form:

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Great thanks I have completed it

@samicaracand I really hope that this works as we loved OP Sign I dont need to generate the document I already have that so I just need it to be signed like OP sign did - without I having to specify where to sign, fingers crossed!!!

I will make sure we have a smooth transition. Don’t forget to provide your details on the form:

@Sam1 I’m Nir from - monday most trusted and easy to use Electronic Signature provider. We have heard the news and already working on Sign Anywhere feature that take a pdf from file column and send it to a recipient to sign without any manual work. This new feature will be live and we would love to help you migrate to GetSign.

You this link to contact us and let’s get you migrated to the GetSign with a special offer of 15% lifetime discount.

thanks this is great - if you let me know when its live and we can migrate that would be great

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We use the PandaDoc integration for this combined with Zapier, works great

Hi @KamielCM - I would love to learn more about this integration. Would you be willing to jump on a 30-minute chat?

Hi @samicaracand I’ve done a lot of things with PandaDoc and Zapier, what would you like to know about it?

Specifically how/if you are able to (1) generate documents in PandaDoc using data from and (2) send documents for signature from using PandaDoc.

Yep it’s doable. Let me know if you need help setting it up

Would you be able to show me how you did it over a Zoom call? I would really appreciate it.

I can show you the basics of how to connect the apps, but I do actually do that as a service setting up systems and automations to improve processes. We can hop on a call to see if we might be a good fit to work together though. Should I use the link you sent above to schedule a call?

Yes, please:

Booked for Monday. Talk to you then :slight_smile:

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