Simple workflow - prevent status skipping

I’m trying to prevent users from changing a task’s status to “product review”, if it has not passed through “QA” status before that.
Ideas on how can this goal be achieved?

Two ideas spring to mind:

  1. Create an automation so that if “status changes from X to Product Review, notify the person and change status to QA” where X is the earlier status in your workflow.

  2. If you haven’t already created a group for each status, so that. It can help to signal the steroids in the workflow. Also, give the groups and statuses a number to show there is a flow.

There may be some apps that have a more nuanced way of dealing with this, I’m not sure.

Thanks for the idea!

The first option actually works, no need to notify, just change the status to “QA”.

I have taken this path to resolve a desired workflow enforcement.
It required several automations (per status other than QA) as the idea is to prevent a “product review” as long as a task has not passed trough QA - from any status.

The second option although doable - breaks the scrum rules of ordered boards, prioritized by order from top to bottom. Moving stuff between groups prevents an easy analysis of the sprint flow for a retrospective session.

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