SMS-as-email inside CommuniHub event stream

I’d like to send and receive SMS as emails so they’ll play nicely with CommuniHub and with the Gmail integration.

My first attempt used Clicksend, which accepts emails in the format {number} and sends them to {number} as SMS. And passes along replies from {number} to {number} All good!

At least in my Gmail inbox, where everything shows up nicely. But in CommuniHub, replies don’t appear, seemingly because they come from Clicksend with a leading ‘+’. (Monday support has submitted a feature request to fix this, but it’s low priority.)

Does anyone have any ideas about ways to strip the ‘+’? Is this something that Zapier/Integromat could do?

Or perhaps I should be using those integrators to send/receive SMS directly from Updates? That’s the type of thing I think I can work through myself (no experience or money, but a fair bit of time) but it’d be nice to have some assurance I’m not on a goose chase or missing an easier alternative.

Short answer would be “yes, you can do this with Zapier and Integromat” :grin:

That’s good to hear! I’ll start with the email approach, to keep things in the CommuniHub flow.