So... linked dependencies are broken, right?

After seeing ads on Facebook showing the slick waterfall/Gantt view with tasks automatically moving/resizing based on earlier dependencies, I signed up for an account to see for myself.

Using one of the default project templates I set up four groups with various tasks in each. For example in group “A” there are tasks 1, 2, 3, 4. Task 3 is dependent on tasks 1+2. Task 4 is dependent on task 3.

I set timelines for all of these. I then added the dependencies in the “Dependent On” column. I ensured the automation existed that specifies, “Ensure that the timeline of an item always starts after the date of its Dependent On item”

And… it doesn’t work. Whether resizing or moving the earlier dependencies, like Tasks 1-3 in this case, Task 4 simply never moves. Ever. Task 3 can be moved completely past Task 4 in its entirety, and Task 4 does not move or resize.

One of my employees tried duplicating this template and made a new task group, and in that group the functionality works sometimes, but not always.

Is this a known bug? In its current state, this seems unusable and not suitable for serious project management.