Sorting by month or week numbers in a chart does not show correctly

Hi, I have a board where data is entered against Consultant, Total Hours and Timeline.

I have formulas in all the other fields, as the data is used for graphs on a dashboard:
Week commencing: FORMAT_DATE({Timeline#Start},“DD MMM YYYY”)
Week: ISOWEEKNUM({Week Commencing})
Month: Month({Week Commencing})
Year: YEAR({Week Commencing})
Year-Week: {Year}&“-”&{Week}
Year-Month: {Year}&“-”&{Month}
Year-Qtr: FORMAT_DATE({Week Commencing}, “YYYY-Q”)


  1. The formula for the Year column YEAR({Week Commencing}) shows as 2,023. Any way of removing the comma?

  2. I need the Week and Month to show as 2 digits so 1 should be 01 because as they are now the sorting on my charts do not show correctly in a sort order. As you can see on the image below. 2022-8 and 2022-9 should come before 2022-10. I understand why it is sorting like that but need a fix please.

Thank you.

Woohoo… sorted the formula for the zero. Managed to do it in Excel and then work out the changes needed for putting in

For week I have put
IF(AND(ISOWEEKNUM({Week Commencing})>=1,ISOWEEKNUM({Week Commencing})<=9),“0” & ISOWEEKNUM({Week Commencing}),ISOWEEKNUM({Week Commencing}))

For month I have put
IF(AND(MONTH({Week Commencing})>=1,MONTH({Week Commencing})<=9),“0” & MONTH({Week Commencing}),MONTH({Week Commencing}))

BUT not sorted the comma out of the year.
So please any help on that would be appreciated.
Thank you.

Hi @MaxLogic_Lisa,


FORMAT_DATE({Week Commencing}, "YYYY")

Thank you… I should have known that as used the Format_date forumula before! :upside_down_face: :woman_facepalming:t3:

Much appreciated