Special monthly CRM feature update [funnel chart widget] 🙌

Lets hear it for the funnel chart widget :heart_hands: :raised_hands:
The funnel chart widget is a new reporting tool that allows you to follow the flow of the deal from new to won/lost. Not only does the funnel chart show the current statuses of the deals/leads, but it also calculates the transitions between status labels (i.e. the conversion % of a deal from “New” to “Won”).

Screen Shot 2023-01-17 at 9.37.53

To add it to any other board, first add a dashboard view onto your board. Then, click on “Add widget”, select “More widgets” from the resulting menu, and locate the “Funnel Chart”.

The Funnel Chart is also fully interactive! Try filtering the chart according to the owner or funnel start date, and click on each pillar to learn how many items are within that stage of the funnel. :raised_hands:

To learn more - read here We’d love to hear your experience with it :heart_hands:

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Hello Elke

Looks great, sadly the Add widget are inactive?

Regards Martin