Dashboard diagram on dates to track progress

Good morning community - we got large boards with lots of data that we use as our CRM funnel.
Throughout that funnel we track at which date a potential account achieves the status “lead” by an automation that sets the date once a user updates the status to LEAD.
So basically some of the entries have “lead dates” setup and the ones that have not achieved the LEAD status are empty.

Reason for that is that we want to track (on a dashboard) the weekly LEAD conversion rate - means how many entries did become a LEAD for the last 6 weeks.
There are a few things that I cannot seem to get done as expected…

a) Even though the diagram is groubed by WEEK, the diagram unfortunately does not show “empty weeks” that basically have no entries, is there an option to show those?

b) CW tags, is there an option to show each week as the CW number instead of the first day in that particular week?

c) Max. limit - unfortunately the diagram cannot be limited in amount of shown bars since it is “sort by X-axis”. Any other option on how to limit the amount shown? We would like to look at the last 6 weeks. The only “workaround” I found is to filter the data for “this month” and “last month” but I appreciate any other ideas that always show the last 6 datapoints.

Appreciate the crowd-knowledge with this!

Hi Wolfram, I have the same doubt. I hope new CRM Product answer these points