Specific game booking calendar

Hello Monday.com community!
I have been using the solution at my workplace for some time and I managed to do almost everything that the business requires via this amazing tool! But… there is one thing that I cannot figure out how to do - replication of our current booking sheet (Google sheet). I am attaching a sample of the sheet, so it is more clear what the logic behind it is: Booking sheet example - Google Sheets
Basically, this is a calendar of every day of the year, that is currently divided in separate tabs. The venue has 2 fields - both with different session timings. For example Field 1 has games with the following timing: 10-11:30, 11:30-1, 1:2:30, etc. Each field also has capacity Field 1 is 30 players per session, and Field 2 is 40 players. Google sheets has a formula implemented that deducts from a total capacity number every time a player has been added to the time slot.
Can someone possibly help with advise on how to implement this in monday.com? Even if additional integration or app is required for this, as long as a solution can be found.
I would really appreciate the amazing community’s help with this and thank you in advance!