Sub-items column does not appear for some users

We are using a sub-items column to track order history for a given item on a number of our boards. I have a user that does not see the sub-items column but rather sees an arrow that expands the sub-items to the left of the item name. Wondering how to make their experience and interface consistent with the rest of the team. They were able to see the sub-items column until a day or so ago.

hi @drescheg

Welcome to the community. It looks like some of your users are using the new board experience (and other not yet). See also my reply here: Bring back Subitem column deletion

Hey @drescheg :wave:

As mentioned above, it sounds like your other team members are indeed seeing the new board design, hence the arrow feature instead of the traditional subitem icon! For the new version, subitems are built into the board itself like so:

Check out this article for more details: Introducing the new board design :tada:

If you or your teammates are running into any issues with the new structure, make sure to contact so our Bug Busters team can assist accordingly.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


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