Subitem and monday.listen("events")

monday.listen(“events”) not quite working with subitems.
I’m sure dev team aware of it, just wanted to have some roadmap or estimation, when it will work?
Currently, there is no event when the subitem is updated. And when new subitem has been added the generated “event” is for the parent item update, with all subitems, so it’s impossible (afaik) to detect actual new subitem.
Another problem with subitems - when I’m adding new subitem I see two “events” generated, with almost identical data. Same for when I remove subitem - two “events” generated

Hi again @yureckey! :wave:

Thank you for bringing this to our attention! I’ve gone ahead and reached out to our developers for further insight on this. As soon as I get any kind of detail that might be helpful for you, I’ll get back ot you in this thread.

On a side note, this seems to be a great post to put into the Building Apps Sub-Category. I know I say this so often lately that it might feel like a Spotify ad when you’re just looking to listen to music, but it would really help us keep the community neat and tidy for you :slight_smile: Thanks for your cooperation in making the community a great place to be.