Subitem Updates to Parent Updates

I’m looking for a way to “summarize” all subitem updates into the parent item updates. Essentially, I would like to go to the parent item updates and see all the updates from each subitem there. Any possibilities?

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Hey @russadk! Just hopping in here to see if you were able to find a good solution for this! If not, shoot us a message at and we’d be happy to assist further with this! :blush:

Hello! I know this reply isn’t meant for me, but I have been following this thread because I too would like a way to get subitem updates into a parent item.

Can there be an automation formula for when you post an update or reply to an update in a subitem that a new update is created in the parent item? The automation should include any attachments that were added to that update as well. My team uses parent items as the shell of the project and the actual work for the project is done through the subitems.

I am keen to hear of other solutions out there because I am having team members post updates in both subitems and parent items so that there is a summary that can be easily tracked in one place.

@CharlotteK, I haven’t been able to find a solution as of yet, but @sroper has a workable suggestion, if we had that as an option.

Hi @sroper and @russadk,

These are great suggestions, and we certainly see the benefit of such functionality. I am afraid at this time we do not natively support this particular type of feature - i.e. automating subitem updates into the parent item updates section. That being said, we kindly ask you to forward this question to our support team (via in case they can offer you a viable workaround or can perhaps recommend third-party options.

Thank you in advance for your understanding!



Thanks for the response. I have emailed the Monday support team.

Hi all,

We are working on an app that aggregates all kind of information from subitems into the parent item. In the next few days we know if and how we can support putting update from subitems into the parent item. If there are any specific requirements, please let me know.


Hey @basdebruin, any updates on the app?
We also need this for our workflow!

Hi @Admeirel

The good news: the app is ready to go. It can be found here and from that page you can use the “Details” link to read a detailed document, and the “Try me” link to put the app in your account.

The less good news: I need to find some time to finish the video on this one and to add it to the marketplace.

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Hi @basdebruin!

Thank you for sharing your update. The Rollup Subitems integration looks very useful for subitems with additional columns and calculations. I am not sure if this particular integration will work for adding messages from the Updates section of the subitem to the Updates section in the parent item. Looking at the Details document, I see that the subitem columns are being summarized into a column that is a part of the parent item.

For my team’s purposes, the parent item is the overall project and the subitems are sequential tasks that need to be completed. Once a subitem message update is posted in the Updates section, we would like to see that same subitem message posted in the Updates section of the parent item. This would result in a more complete picture of the project without having to click on every subitem to track progress or to see what had happened during that subitem.

hi @sroper

In its current version the app does not aggregates updates made in subitems to the parent item. It would be possible to extend the app. What kind of format do you have in mind in the update section of the parent item. Do you want the update to shows the update from the subitem(s) obviously :slight_smile: and do you want to proceed that by some info about which subitem created the update.

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Hi, @basdebruin! I apologize for the super delayed response. Yes, having that additional information would be ideal so that there would be fewer clicks. Providing a hyperlink to the subitem would be great too. Thanks for responding to the subitem issue.

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Hi @basdebruin, hope you’re well!

Just wondering whether you managed to extend the app to include updates? This is a feature our team could really benefit from, too!


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hi @LexiNicc

We did not include this in the app yet as we didn’t get any feedback how the update in the parent item should look like. Obviously it need to contain the text from the update of the subitem, but I can imagine you want to have a kind of a heading to see (in the parent item) from which subitem the update comes from.

Also: do you want to have the full text, or just the first x characters?

@basdebruin, yes, it would be good to have a heading from the subitem, possibly that links to the subitem? I would prefer the full text of the sub-item update or at least a few lines and a “see more” option to click for the rest.

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Hi @basdebruin - so sorry I never got notified that you’d replied to this!

Full text would be great if possible. And yes, we’d want to see which subitem the text would be linked to. Is this still something you’re thinking of rolling out any time soon?

Thank you so much for the response!

Hi @basdebruin - just checking you received my last message re the subitem/parent item update link.

Thank you! :slight_smile: