Subitem inherit column values from Parent

I get around this by linking each subitem to its parent item and mirroring columns. However, when an item with subitems is duplicated, the subitems link to the original item instead of their new (duplicated) parent item. The links have to be updated manually and it’s painful.

Absolutely what I am waiting for, too.

This would be very (very!) useful for using pivot tables as well, because then you can analyze sub-items combined with data of their parent items.

Can you please describe in short how to do this? I could not find documentation for this. Thank you!

Unfortunately, we have not heard that this feature is available yet. The issue with mirroring is that the subitem must be manually assigned to a parent item and can be assigned to any parent item. This is a manual transaction which must be done individually.

Thank you, so it is not really what we finally want. We have tons of Items/sub-items, manually connecting them would be also not suitable as a workaround…

Hey all,

We developed an app that solves this exact pain point of subitems inherting column value from parent.

On creation - Populate item’s data into its subitems in a seamless way

On change - Being able to set dependency between a subitem to an item

There are also more advanced options with offset of dates -

It’s brand new (released last week) and we’re going to keep on adding new capabilities.

You can check it out here -

Hope that helps!

We need this too!