Subitem Question

I have a number column that represents % on the parent item and on the sub-items of the parent. When a new item is added to a board I have the ability through automation to have the % be set at 0. I would like to have this same ability when a new sub-item is added to the board. Here is my recipe for item-

I don’t find the same ability for sub-items.
Am I overlooking something?

Hi @PaulaLofton - sadly there is not a simple of way of doing this. The easiest way would be to use the Autoboost app with the following recipe:


Then have a number column on the main item (not subitem) and have it set to a Default value of 0 (zero). You can also use the Default values for the % column you are using today rather than an automation:

Default values do not support subitems (yet).

Hope this helps!

Thanks for your response! At least I know I didn’t overlook something :joy: